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Best Of Kickstarter Clone Scripts

Best Of Kickstarter Clone Scripts

Kickstarter is a Public-benefit corporation based in the United States. The website aims to raise funds through the means of crowdfunding in order to help bring creative projects to life. The website has become popular in the modern society due to its unique concept.

With the advent clone scripts, it has become an easy task to start a website that works just like Kickstarter. Here are some of the best Kickstarter clone available online:

1 Theme500

Theme500 is the best open source clone script for Kickstarter and it is based on WordPress theme. Even though it does not have the best available design for the clone script it is definitely not bad for a free software. The script is powered by IgnitionDeck which has provided all the basic functionalities to run a crowdfunding website.
The main features of the software include a project page, additional tabs for updates and frequently asked questions.

2 Backer

Backer is also powered is IgnitionDeck for USD 79 and uses the fundraising WordPress theme to function. The same software is made available by ThemeForest for USD 54. The responsive retina-ready design is a noteworthy feature of Backer.
The software supports WordPress Multilingual Plugin, premium slider plugin, and integration with social media as major functionalities. The project page has a very clean and sophisticated design.

3 Fundingpress

Fudningpress is one of the best available clone scripts for a fundraising website. It includes features like PayPal and WePay payment integration, built-in rating system, built-in page builder for styling content, a set of 370 font icons and native support for WordPress Multilingual Plugin.
New projects can be added using attractive frontend forms. The admin can either collect the fund themselves or allow the users to do so. It costs you USD 59.

4 Kickstarter Clone

Kickstarter Clone is available for just USD 30 yet has one of the best responsive designs for a web page. But the script lags behind in providing an efficient overall design for the project page. New projects are accepted via frontend forms and transactions happen through PayPal. Even though the functionalities are limited in this clone script it is viable if you are on a budget.

As you see most of the clone scripts are launched using the WordPress theme as they are financially more viable. I hope choosing the clone script has become a step easier after reading the article!

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DropInn As An Advanced Airbnb Clone Script

DropInn As An Advanced Airbnb Clone Script

Among the most popular Airbnb clone scripts is DropInn. There are certain immaculate features constituting the concerned Airbnb clone script and making it flexible and easier for use. DropInn has been cloned in such a way that it reflects all the essential features of Airbnb. The clone script has been developed in such a way that the services and features become much cheaper that what is offered by Airbnb. It is a perfect option for new entrepreneurs who are striving for starting a business that could be profitable in the long run. It is a fully customizable code that offers you the flexibility for modifying the platform on the basis of the changing requirements. It is a rental platform which offers other services such as cars, bikes, yachts, books, videos, tools, and so on. For all the rental needs of users as a airbnb clone, DropInn is a perfect gateway. Though being an Airbnb clone, DropInn is easily customizable and hence, it is very much suitable for the changing needs of your business. It is a clone script that offers opportunity to get the work done even in a faster and a smarter way. The concerned Airbnb clone script not only allows you to work faster but it also allows you to work smarter. Being thoroughly user friendly the concerned Airbnb clone is both easy to install and easy to maintain.

The DropInn Airbnb clone script is a great help in terms of remaining updated. The support team of the clone script prompts upgrades that help the owner to keep herself updated and to obtain the competitive edge. The latest version has been released and some exciting and cool plug-ins have been provided by the clone script’s research and development team. There are some specific features that have transformed the concerned Airbnb clone script into a widely usable one. First and foremost, it is easy to search. In a wink of an eye you can find your searched item easily thanks to the platform’s instant search option. There are also theme options that make the platform more lucrative and attractive. There are five different variants of themes that can be applied as per the user’s mood. Moreover, the Airbnb clone script is infused with some awesome plugins. Such plugins include mobile verification, ID verification, video grabber, pop-up advertisers, discount labels, and so on. The coupon code option also adds to the attraction of the concerned Airbnb clone script.

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Clone Script of Popular Websites

Clone Script of Popular Websites

Cloned scripts basically are website clones. There are many website clone script development companies in the market who develop these clone scripts of popular website with high definitionfeatures and at very low prices. Nowadays people prefer going for clone scripts rather than taking an original website because startups or entrepreneurs in the beginning make a low investment and get a high featured website like other popular websites.

Customization : These clone scripts are 100% customizable, therefore comes with a lot of customizing tools. These website clone scripts are quite reliable, carry tons of features, provide free support, are responsive, and have constant update feature, which keeps them updated.

Clone Script Websites : Some of the popular cloning websites are Ncrypted, Agriya, Inoutscripts, etc. These websites, fills in a lot of features in the clones which comes with variable names. These features are not only similar to the popular websites, but also respond in the same way. Lots of clone scripts can be found on clonescript website also. It gives a complete detailed summary of whatever clone script one needs to find to serve its required purpose.

Popular Clone Scripts : Some of the most popular clone scripts that are always required in the market include: online food ordering clone scripts, PHP article directory scripts, press release script, Bluebox PHP script, social network script, zine article script, etc. All these scripts are helpful to construct similar pattern websites with high definition technology. All the statistical data is also generated. A lot of people are not using these clone scripts to serve their purpose, instead they are using these websites in a wrong way therefore strict action is taken by clone scripts against the same and its services can also be withdrawn.

Scalable : These website clone scripts also let people expand their business by scaling their business module through their website. A PHP based website clone can even be expanded to an e-commerce website. So the future scalability is also taken care of while designing these clones script. People get a number of options in which they can further move into an expansion mode by having various different and innovation filter search options based on the categories they are offering to their clients.

Complete programming on the back is done taking customization in mind as per people’s requirement. So it always comes with a flip option. Clone scripts have really taken up the market by a storm.